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Our journey begins immediately upon your initial inquiry. Our team embarks on preliminary research on your company, services, past press material and current digital presence. We begin with an open dialogue with you to gain valuable insights to the mechanics of your business. The Titan team extracts + downloads your long + short term goals and objectives so we can navigate + create an innovative digital marketing program, unique for your business Before proceeding, we both asses if this partnership is a good fit… like any relationship, it must work!

Strategy + Design

We navigate the waters for you by charting out a plan of action! Our team conceptualizes a focused strategy; designs + develops an effective marketing program that will yield results and communicate in constellations with your core audience. Merging your voice with our creativity, obsessive dedication for success + passion for details, we deliver a concrete blueprint much like an architectural drawing to illustrate your custom project from the ground up!

Preliminary Presentation

Our team is confident on their time-honored + custom game plan for your marketing initiatives and we present a preliminary proposal for your review. We elaborate with an in-depth scope of work + timelines. Offering several interconnecting components + options, we break down the scope of work in phases so you can choose from the menu. Based on your budget, we can tackle each phase appropriately or go full steam ahead with a robust campaign, targeting multiple aspects. Freedom is key, a simple non-binding contract is drawn up to launch your campaign.

Deploy + Launch

Your custom marketing campaign is launched! You can get back to what you do best...while we do what we do best...increase brand awareness , amplify traffic + maximize exposure.


We continuously monitor both your competitors + the performance of your campaigns as we routinely augment strategies for optimal results. Data is only useful if it is used! With our in-depth metrics + reports we make sure the collected insights are utilized to increase the lifespan + responsiveness to the program.


Social media + digital marketing is constantly evolving as technology is changing at lighting speed. Consistent + persistent improvement is required. We closely monitor and augment to improve and maximize results. Our team is required to keep up to date with the latest educational conferences and seminars in marketing while networking to stay one step ahead. We conduct a “Job Autopsy” after a 90-day period. Allowing sufficient time to make a difference, we check in with you on your experiences + feedback. The 90-day check-up is early enough in the campaign to allow for edits to the scope of work or warrants the introduction for the next phase.


Under the direction of Jonathan Giacoletto, Titan is a diverse group with modern views for our changing industry while supporting tried + true techniques. Meet the “Titan Team” …

Titan Intuitive is a digital marketing agency, specifically dedicated to the interior design industry. What makes us unique is a true insider perspective from years of experience working directly for designers +  to-the-trade showrooms + manufacturers.  All of these arenas vary greatly, we know the language spoken by each niche, understand the objectives and are well versed on their competition.

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Register for Live Webinar with Thomas Lavin x Kendell Carter

Thomas Lavin hosts a live webinar with Los Angeles artist Kendell Carter and gallerist Edward Cella on "Excerpts from the Book of Love"

August 5th @ 1pm PDT
Los Angeles

It's Time! Submit for ID Mag's BOYAWARDS

Now celebrating its 15th year, Interior Design's Best of Year is the ultimate measure of design excellence, honoring the most significant work of the year and recognizing designers, architects and manufacturers from around the globe.

Deadline to Submit September 10th

Elle Decor
The A-List of Best Interior Designers

Elle Decor presents the 10th edition of the A List, their annual list of the most stylish, influential and innovative interior designers from around the world.

Check out the list of 125 top interior designers

Alena Capra of SoFlo Home Project visits the Jeffrey Michaels Showroom

South Florida Interior Designer and host of ABC's SoFlo Home Project, Alena Capra, stops in to the Jeffrey Michaels Showroom on a recent episode.  Alena chats with owners Diane & Michael Feibelman and uncovers some of the latest trends in wallcoverings from Elitis, Area Environments and Arte.

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Titan Intuitive is a fully integrated marketing and branding agency. Each brand and designer is unique, so we strategically design+ build + execute a tailored program for your specific needs. With our full roster of capabilities, our agency allows you to bring every aspect of your marketing initiatives under one roof.

We build innovative and original brand experiences. 

Voted Best Green Workplace in Oregon - Hartmann & Forbes

For the 9th consecutive year, Hartmann & Forbes is recognized as one of the best green workplaces in Oregon.  Since day one, sustainability has been a way of life at Hartmann & Forbes.  They pride themselves in being good stewards of the earth, which is why they are very proud to be ranked among the list of Oregon's Business Magazine's  Best Green Workplaces.

Our Services

Customized Social Media Strategies & Management

An ever-evolving medium that requires constant monitoring + persistent improvement. Algorithms have changed and we are steps ahead with our industry connections + knowledge to give you a cutting edge profile with results. READ MORE...

Content Creation

With the bombardment of logos & interruptive ad campaigns, we guarantee your message, brand and content is raised octaves above the rest to speak beyond the mainstream noise. Unparalleled content that drives concrete results. READ MORE...


Merging decades of communications and heading up the publicity alongside renowned publishers, we have a vast array of writing skills, coupled with a romantic lifestyle vibe. We blend the “tangibles” of your company with the “intangibles” ( thoughts, feelings and emotions) for a captivating narrative. READ MORE...

Email Marketing Campaigns

An imperative component to solidifying a successful marketing campaign, our team designs psychologically aesthetic layouts with a specific call to action. While inboxes are overflowing, we make sure your email campaign sends a powerful message that can’t be ignored. READ MORE...

Live Event Coverage + Support

Domestic or International, we cover a wide range of events across the industry. Our front lines approach + worldwide connections provide you with an insider’s perspective which launches your company ahead of competitors. We offer strategically scheduled event coverage guaranteed to excite the masses. READ MORE...

Brand Building

There is a paradigm shift in modern branding. We inject personality to your brand with a tangible narrative + visual stimulation. Let’s get emotional! Decisions + purchases are subconsciously based on feelings, at Titan we know how to give your brand a unique identity that connects with people. We discover your voice; propel you forward; maintain the momentum so your brand strikes a chord and forges loyalty! READ MORE...

Graphic + Logo Design

First impression is everything! We serve as your architect for a successful campaign rather than just being artists. Our investment in your project with in-depth research to conquer maximum response rates transcends exponentially with our competitive designs for digital or print outlets. Read More...

Web Design + Development

You face should get you noticed! We deliver what you want before you even know what you want. With a structured foundation + modern aesthetic, we encapsulate streamlined navigation; amplified traffic with strategic SEO; a solid communication + a dynamic product. READ MORE...

Advertising + Positioning

Transcending beyond traditional advertising. Face it, we are all control freaks and we like it! Bombarded with interruptive ads, logos and noise - we find pleasure by blocking or paying to skip annoying ads or unsubscribing - we bypass the hurdles and get you to where you need to be seen. Our unrivaled connections have exposed brands to well known publications as well as The Today Show, ABC News, NY Times and beyond. READ MORE...

Marketing Collateral + Brochures

How will you be remembered?Personality sells, we build relationships between brands & people with cutting edge marketing collateral, specific to your unique identity. We communicate in constellations and connect the dots so your brand has a strategic and focused message. READ MORE...

Photography + Video

It’s a new era for marketing! We know how to ignite a response through our interactive methods and videos. With the onslaught of advertisements, consumers have taken control back by blocking ads and being selective on who & what enters their lives. We listen and craft visual stimulating campaigns that influence and provide a true ROI. READ MORE...


Attention spans are drastically decreasing! With artistic infographics, we make it easier for your message to stand out with concise and consolidated content. Infographics provide simple methods to complex content and topics. With a fast paced modern lifestyle, infographics capture the attention; communicates valuable information; creates a narrative; reports data and tells a story! READ MORE...

Social media is more than a
tweet, a post, or creating
valuable content. It's
embarking on directing
concentrated efforts of
strategizing, content creation,
galvanizing markets,
consistent evaluation and
persistent improvement.

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