Customized Social Media Strategies & Management

An ever-evolving medium that requires constant monitoring + persistent improvement. Algorithms have changed and we are steps ahead with our industry connections + knowledge to give you a cutting edge profile with results.  We pride ourselves on an organic approach to target your audience.  Progressive and Innovative, we create sophisticated campaigns that yield results and get you noticed. Our team is at the forefront on the latest technology + updates on social media. We attend various professional conferences worldwide so you stay at the top!

          Content Creation

With the bombardment of logos & interruptive ad campaigns, we guarantee your message, brand, and content is raised octaves above the rest to speak beyond the mainstream noise. Our team provides creative + persuasive content for digital and print outlets. We embark on the proper research and ensure it will be deployed during optimal performance hours to galvanize your specific audience while keeping them engaged! Unparalleled content that drives concrete results.


Merging decades of communications and heading up the publicity alongside renowned publishers, we have a vast array of writing skills, coupled with a romantic lifestyle vibe which is unparalleled in the industry. We blend the “tangibles” of your company with the “intangibles” ( thoughts, feelings, and emotions) for a captivating narrative. We consistently outperform competitors.  Our organic writing stimulates + creates experiences that engage, persuade while simultaneously motivating with a memorable impression.


              Email Marketing Campaigns

An imperative component to solidifying a successful marketing campaign, our team designs psychologically aesthetic layouts with a specific call to action. While inboxes are overflowing, we make sure your email campaign sends a powerful message that can’t be ignored. 

              Live Event Coverage + Support

Domestic or International, we cover a wide range of events across the industry. From showhouses and tradeshows to Paris Deco Off, Milan’s Salone del Mobile and beyond, our team provides credibility to your brand as we create real-time buzz + experiences that galvanize your core audience.  Our front lines approach + worldwide connections provide you with an insider’s perspective which launches your company ahead of competitors.  We offer strategically scheduled event coverage guaranteed to excite the masses.

             Brand Building

There is a paradigm shift in modern branding. We inject personality into your brand with a tangible narrative + visual stimulation. Our team bridges the gap between your brand and your audience. Let’s get emotional! Decisions + purchases are subconsciously based on feelings, at Titan, we know how to give your brand a unique identity that connects with people.  We discover your voice; propel you forward; maintain the momentum so your brand strikes a chord and forges loyalty!  At Titan, our tenacity + persistence formulates + reshapes your identity. Authenticity is key.

                Graphic + Logo Design

First impression is everything! We have cutting-edge graphic designers that work in conjunction with our marketing team to elevate your brand and provide a specific + recognizable personality that enhances your identity. We serve as your architect for a successful campaign rather than just being artists.  Our investment in your project with in-depth research to conquer maximum response rates transcends exponentially with our competitive designs for digital or print outlets.

                  Web Design + Development

Your face should get you noticed! Our creative team delivers relevant + user-centric experiences with cutting-edge design.  We deliver what you want before you even know what it is you want.  The design + build platform provides either a total overhaul or simply a refresh for your venerable website. With a structured foundation + modern aesthetic, we encapsulate streamlined navigation; amplified traffic with strategic SEO; a solid communication + a dynamic product.

                   Advertising + Positioning

Transcending beyond traditional advertising methods, our online advertising
(SEM & SEO) gains visual stimulation and recognition.  Face it, we are all control freaks and we like it!  Bombarded with interruptive ads, logos and noise - we find pleasure by blocking or paying to skip annoying ads or unsubscribing - we bypass the hurdles and get you to where you need to be seen.  Now more than ever, it is imperative to target your specific audience and hone in on the right time to deploy. We offer strategic placements that generate maximum results. Our unrivaled connections have exposed brands to well-known publications as well as The Today Show, ABC News, NY Times and beyond.

                    Marketing Collateral  + Brochures

How will you be remembered? After an event or meeting, your brand needs to remain firmly planted at the forefront of your audience's brain.  Personality sells, we build relationships with brands & people with cutting-edge marketing collateral, specific to your unique identity. We communicate in constellations and connect the dots so your brand has a strategic and focused message. From box design and launching new products into the interior design market to creating 3D visual materials, we effectively reshape corporate identities or enhance thriving brands.  Offering printed or downloadable brochures, sales presentations, data sheets, tags, signage and more...

                   Photo  + Video

It’s a new era for marketing! Attentions spans are decreasing rapidly with an immunity to ordinary advertisements. We know how to ignite a response through our interactive methods and videos. With the onslaught of advertisements, consumers have taken control back by blocking ads and being selective about who & what enters their lives.  We listen and craft visual stimulating campaigns that influence and provide a true ROI.


Attention spans are drastically decreasing!  We now quickly scan content on the run.  With artistic infographics, we make it easier for your message to stand out with concise and consolidated content, enhanced with eye-catching graphics.  Infographics provide simple methods to complex content and topics.  With a fast-paced modern lifestyle, infographics capture the attention; communicates valuable information; creates a narrative; reports data and tells a story!

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